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What a day! MVTec Innovation Day 2021

More than 400 attendees from over 190 companies, 33 countries, and five continents learned on February 3, 2021 about brand-new information on innovative technologies and the latest machine vision trends, such as deep learning, embedded vision, and 3D vision.

At our first digital MVTec Innovation Day, we spoke about the performance, particular highlights, and new features of our software HALCON and MERLIC – all via live broadcast from a professional streaming studio in the heart of Munich. Various partners were connected as guest speakers, for interviews and demo presentations. We ourselves were represented with four demo presentations.

Interviews and video chats with experts

The content was offered vividly in a wide range of interactive and virtual formats. In addition to attending fascinating presentations by MVTec experts and guest speakers from SICK AG and MSTVision GmbH as well as interviews and demonstrations streamed in real time, the participants also had the opportunity to get actively involved:

Via the event app they were able to reach out to presenters and other experts and ask questions in group video chats or 1:1 video meetings via the event portal. For example, the attendees were able to discuss special software topics with our developers and take part in polls and surveys in real time.

Partners like aku.automation GmbH, attentra GmbH, KEYENCE DEUTSCHLAND GmbH, and SICK AG showcased interesting examples of industry applications in the virtual partner exhibition.

The chat and networking opportunities were also actively used. In the evening, when the friendly moderators from the MVTec marketing team called on the participants to grab their beer from the event box and switch to the group chat, they didn't need to be told twice. They talked shop and exchanged ideas until the late evening.

Photo credits: ©eyeamchris.com