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MVTec makes debut at Battery Show Europe

MVTec Software GmbH, a leading international software manufacturer for machine vision, will present itself and its software products this year at the Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart for the first time. From May 23 to 25, 2023, MVTec will demonstrate the added value machine vision offers for battery manufacturing. Visitors can get comprehensive information about MVTec's software products and technologies at booth A21 in Hall 4.
MVTec booth
MVTec's booth
Business Development Manager Klaus Schrenker
Klaus Schrenker

"We see the need for quality and process optimization in battery manufacturing, while at the same time cost pressure is increasing. With our machine vision products, we provide a powerful and flexible technology for this purpose," explains Klaus Schrenker, Business Development Manager at MVTec.

Mastering current requirements in battery production with machine vision

With its presence at the leading trade fair, MVTec is responding to the increasing importance of battery production as a growth market. This market benefits in particular from machine vision technologies. After all, machine vision ensures high quality and accuracy in production, which also has a decisive impact on the safety, performance and longevity of batteries. In addition, the technology paves the way for optimized workflows and minimizes scrap and production waste. In this way, scarce resources are used efficiently, supporting the sustainability goals of battery manufacturers. In addition, machine vision enables reliable 24/7 production at very high speeds and 100 percent inline inspection in all environments. Last but not least, the technology allows all components and process steps to be tracked seamlessly right through to the finished product. As a specialized software provider and one of the technology leaders in machine vision, MVTec supplies a key component for process automation and quality optimization in battery production. For this purpose, the Munich-based company offers an established product portfolio with powerful technologies. This includes the standard software for machine vision HALCON, the easy-to-use software MERLIC and the Deep Learning Tool, with which training data can be easily labeled thanks to the intuitive user interface. MVTec's software products include technologies such as 3D vision, deep learning and embedded vision.

Initiating conversations with a live demo

"At Battery Show Europe, all relevant stakeholders along the entire value chain of battery production are represented. We see this as an important forum where we can exchange ideas with potential customers on their current requirements as well as on the possible applications of machine vision," says Klaus Schrenker, describing the goal of MVTec's trade show appearance. MVTec experts will illustrate how machine vision can be used in practice in manufacturing processes by means of a live demo at the trade fair booth: the subject is the surface inspection of a cylindrical battery cell after it has been filled with electrolyte and sealed. In this setup, the batteries are mounted on a turntable. While one camera inspects the top surface of the cylinder for defects such as scratches, another camera reads a data code on the sheathing. The inspection results are visualized on a screen. MVTec HALCON is used as the machine vision software. This allows typical tasks in the optical inspection of batteries to be solved with high accuracy and speed.

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