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HALCON for IDS NXT vegas

HALCON for IDS NXT smart cameras
HALCON running on the IDS NXT industrial cameras


IDS NXT vegas belongs to the IDS product family of vision app-based industrial cameras and is delivered with a preinstalled HALCON for Embedded Devices license. The integration of the HALCON image processing takes place via the C++ interface or through complete scripts using the HDevEngine.

The latter guarantees that image processing can be made and tested completely platform-independently on a desktop PC with HDevelop before it is used in an IDS NXT vision app. The transition from a HALCON script to a complete app-based image processing solution takes just a few steps. Find more info on this page by IDS.


This device is powered by HALCON
  • Profit from HALCON's machine vision power on compact and robust hardware
  • Access the full functionality of HALCON
  • Easy integration into your production process

Working with HALCON on IDS NXT vegas cameras

Working with HALCON on IDS NXT vegas
Workflow for using HALCON on IDS NXT vegas cameras