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MERLIC is based on MVTec's comprehensive machine vision expertise and combines reliability and speed with first-class ease of use. An image-centric user interface and an intuitive operating concept ensure an efficient workflow. This enormously shortens the creation and deployment of machine vision applications.

Thanks to the graphical user interface and powerful tools, complete machine vision applications can be created easily and intuitively with MERLIC. With its "all-in-one" approach, it covers the entire process: from image acquisition, image processing, integrated communication interface, to visualization of the results. The software supports all common industry standards and a wide range of hardware.

The software includes state-of-the-art deep learning functions as well as all essential methods of classical image processing. With this comprehensive tool library, a wide range of image processing tasks can be solved easily and intuitively. These include classification, measuring, counting, checking, reading of text and numbers, bar codes, and data codes, position determination, as well as 3D vision based on height images.

MVTec MERLIC is available for Windows- and Linux-based PC systems as well as for Arm®-based embedded platforms.

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"Unlock the full automation potential of your application – with simplified machine vision!" Aleksandra Spannbauer, Sales Manager MERLIC (Phone: +49 89 457 695 340)
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MERLIC 5.5 Release - what's new?

With the new version, MVTec continues it's established path with MERLIC - easy process integration combined with powerful machine vision methods. That's why MERLIC 5.5 again includes an interface that further simplifies the process integration of MERLIC.

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