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Deep Learning in Machine Vision

Classical machine vision applications can be solved faster and more efficiently thanks to deep learning technologies.

MVTec's machine vision software offers a wide range of operators, functions and methods that make it possible to use deep learning in machine vision applications. These technologies are used, for example, in image analysis for the detection and classification of defects.

Deep Learning with machine vision software HALCON

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The machine vision software MVTec HALCON enables users to train own classifiers, which can be used for the classification of new data, with the help of pretrained CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks), deep learning-based algorithms.

These CNNs can be used fore.g. defect classification (e.g. for printed circuit boards, bottle mouths or tablets) or object classification (e.g. to identify a plant species using only one image).

MVTec HALCON offers the following deep learning-based functions:

  • Image classification
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Object detection
  • Anomaly detection

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