The journey to the perfect machine vision application

More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of machine vision. As a result, there is a growing desire to automate their own processes with the technology. But how do you get started? What steps and preparations need to be taken? And who can I turn to if I am stuck? We take you on a journey to the perfect machine vision application and show you how MVTec’s experts can help you with your individual application.

Designing the application

You have identified the task you want to automate using machine vision. Now you are putting together the right components for the application.

“Share your goals and your first images with us! We will work out a proposal on how your application can be optimally implemented.”
Peter König

Using the right technologies

The actual machine vision takes place in the software. Depending on the application, different technologies can be used for this.

“Learn more about the technologies you need for your machine vision application at the MVTec Academy.”
Jan Janssen


You are familiar with the technologies and the hardware is set up: Now you can bring the application to life.

“From theory to practice: We help you to translate the knowledge you have gained at the MVTec Academy into action.”
Hend Mhiri

Technical challenges

Many small and large issues arise during implementation. These can be: Your camera cannot be connected, or your parameters or certain operators do not work as expected.

“We support you in all technical questions regarding MVTec’s software products.”
Andreas Setzer


The system is up and running, the technology is working, and the application as such is running, too. During commissioning, however, you realize that improvements are still required for machine acceptance.

“Your machine vision application is running, but you want to get the most performance out of it? We can help you optimize your application.”
Alex Schlegel


Implementing a machine vision application requires a lot of know-how and takes time. There are companies that lack both. In this case, it makes sense to have the application planned and implemented by external experts.
“MVTec employs experienced developers and application engineers. We help you to implement the entire application or just parts of it. We provide your employees with the necessary know-how for machine vision applications – also for future projects.”
Mario Bohnacker