Feature Preview: HALCON 21.05 – Spotlight 1

The upcoming version of MVTec HALCON will be released in May 2021. Until then, we will gradually release the most important features on our website. The first feature is about improvements of basic operators in 2D and 3D.

Improvements of basic operators in 2D and 3D for fast and robust preprocessing

In HALCON 21.05, the 3D point cloud sampling now supports a new mode called “furthest point”, which typically results in a more uniform sampling of a 3D object.

The user sets the number of output points and then iteratively adds to the output object the point of the input object that is furthest from all points already added to the output model. The furthest point mode usually allows a reasonably uniform sampling.

The 3D point cloud smoothing has been extended by a new mode that uses information from the XYZ-mappings. 3D point cloud smoothing can be used as a preprocessing step to smooth point clouds and remove noise. This mode usually leads to a much faster processing time.