| Certified Integration Partner

MVTec welcomes I-MAS S.L. as new partner

MVTec starts new cooperation with I-MAS within the Certified Integration Partner Program. I-MAS develops high-tech solutions for industrialization used in industry 4.0 smart production systems.

With a modular software environment, MVTecs machine vision software offers I-MAS the invaluable ability to standardize the development of artificial vision applications This setup empowers different I-MAS development teams to seamlessly modify and update the software as needed.

With HALCON, I-MAS is able to streamline the integration of various deep learning-based artificial vision technologies, including deepOCR, semantic segmentation, classification, and anomaly detection. This acceleration in implementing deep learning techniques translates to reduced development and deployment times for their innovative vision systems.

Our Certified Integration Partners collaborate closely with us to deliver top-tier vision solutions to end-customers. Through this collaboration, they can efficiently and seamlessly incorporate our robust software products into machine vision systems. Each engineering company included in the MVTec Certified Integration Partner Program undergoes a rigorous selection process. We are confident that you will discover the ideal system integrator for your specific application among our partners.