New version HALCON 21.11 is available now

HALCON 21.11 has been released as of today. HALCON Progress users benefit from various improvements and new features:

Deep Learning Instance Segmentation

With HALCON 21.11, MVTec extends the functional scope of its deep learning features with a new technology called “instance segmentation”. This combines the advantages of semantic segmentation and object detection. With the help of instance segmentation, objects can be assigned to different classes with pixel accuracy. This technology is particularly useful in applications where objects are very close to each other, touch or overlap. Typical use cases also include grabbing randomly arranged objects from boxes (bin picking) as well as identifying and measuring naturally grown structures.

Improved Bar Code Reader for Code 128

With HALCON 21.11, HALCON’s bar code reader is improved in terms of robustness in case of blurred Code 128/GS1-128 codes. Now, codes with a larger amount of blur can be read. Blur on such codes can occur due to motion or due to limitations in depth of focus. The Code 128/GS1-128 is a widely used bar code type that is frequently used in logistics due to its compact size and high data density. 

Further optimizations and new features:

Improved Dictionary Handling
Future-Proof Interface for Shape Matching

Read all detailed information about the improvements and new features here. For the technical documentation, click here.

Download HALCON 21.11

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