Forum Fürstenfeldbruck | February 20, 2024

MVTec Innovation Day:
Discover the Potential of Machine Vision

Join us for the next MVTec Innovation Day, which will take place on February 20, 2024. Developers and technologically experienced decision-makers from all around the world get a chance to meet, network, and hear the latest about machine vision technology, as well as dive deeper into live application examples and current trends.

Innovation Day 2023: Demos, Presentations & Networking ...


Innovation Day 2024 - We keep you informed!

This page is filled with new information at regular intervals. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our Innovation Day 2024.

Location & Accommodation

Information on the location

We look forward to welcoming you at Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeldbruck, an iconic location outside Munich.

Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeld
Fürstenfeld 12
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

There will be a free shuttle bus running in the morning and the evening between the local train station Fürstenfeldbruck and the venue.

Information on accommodation in Fürstenfeldbruck

Amper Art Hotel & Boardinghouse (3km to the Innovation Day)
Kurt-Huber-Ring 7
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

Fürstenfelder Hotel (500m to the Innovation Day)

Mühlanger 5

82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

Of course you can also book hotels in Munich. In 30 min you can drive from the main station to Fürstenfeldbruck.

February 20, 2024

Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeldbruck | near Munich