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Embedded Vision

MVTec's machine vision software HALCON and MERLIC run perfectly on embedded devices and thus enable innovative and high-performing embedded vision products, available on the market as bundles or standard software products.

Within these products, our software allows for fast implementation and maximum compatibility (e.g., regarding operating systems and architectures). This is also thanks to the fact that by default, HALCON (including its deep learning technologies) is ready to be used on Arm®-based platforms without further porting. Learn more on this page. Furthermore, HALCON (free trial here) and MERLIC (free trial here) facilitate great flexibility for configuring and/or programming embedded vision applications.

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Embedded vision: turnkey products


Turnkey Products

Find straightforward, easy-to-use, and all-in-one software/hardware solutions in this category. Go to Turnkey Products.

Embedded vision: toolbox products


Toolbox Products

For more complex use cases which require maximum flexibility, find all solutions here. Go to Toolbox Products.

Customized solutions by MVTec


Customized Products

In case, you are looking for a solution customized to your needs, this category is right for you. Go to customized solutions.

Please also note, that MVTec is conducting feasibility studies as an additional service. Find more info on our Service pages.



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