Embedded Vision

In the industrial environment, especially in digitalized, automated production scenarios, more and more so-called embedded systems are being used. Embedded devices are small, with compact dimensions, highly efficient, and generate little waste heat. Therefore, they are also suitable for limited space conditions. Due to often harsh environmental conditions, they must be particularly robust and resistant to external influences like  massive dust accumulation, strong vibrations, and high humidity or even direct contact with water. Typically, embedded devices are handhelds, smartphones, tablets, vision sensors, smart cameras, smart sensors and single board computers. If the systems have integrated machine vision software, they can be used for a wide range of image processing applications. This is known as embedded vision.

Embedded Vision with MVTec software

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MVTec's Embedded Vision offers software solutions that are especially tailored to the needs of embedded vision devices. When developing our software products, we ensure that these achieve optimal performance on all platforms – this also applies to our products' deep learning technologies. MVTec's software makes use of special acceleration technologies such as automatic operator parallelization, GPU acceleration, or the "NEON" instruction set extension, which can bring an enormous increase in performance on Arm®-based platforms.

To optimize implementation, our software also supports all relevant interfaces, such as GigEVision, USB3Vision, Video4Linux, and MIPI CSI for image acquisition or the OPC UA interface for communication with the PLC.

Within these products, MVTec software allows fast implementation and maximum compatibility (e.g., regarding operating systems and architectures). This is also thanks to the fact that by default, HALCON (including its deep learning technologies) is ready to be used on Arm®-based platforms without further porting. Furthermore, HALCON and MERLIC facilitate great flexibility for configuring and/or programming embedded vision applications.

The portfolio is rounded off by additional services, that MVTec offers particularly in the area of embedded vision. This includes customizing, feasibility studies, professional technical support, and much more.

Service & supported products and platforms

We offer a wide range of supported products, devices and platforms. We even offer solutions which are customized to your needs, if there is no plattform fitting. MVTec is also conducting feasibility studies, helping you to develop proof-of-concept solutions for your machine vision task.

MVTec's Embedded Vision ecosystem

These listed hardware manufacturers bank on MVTec's software products HALCON and MERLIC to realize their embedded vision solutions. Furthermore, hardware platforms and operating systems that support embedded vision applications with MVTec's software are also listed:

Product labels "ready for" and "powered by"

The embedded vision products carry the labels "ready for" and/or "powered by" HALCON or MERLIC. They indicate in what way MVTec software is used in these products.

"Ready for" means that our software has been successfully tested on these devices and is available for or pre-installed on them. These types of products offer the highest flexibility in the creation of embedded vision applications.

"Powered by" means, that parts of our software are firmly implemented within the respective hardware, enabling the main functions of these devices and resulting in integrated, easy-to-use solutions. With these products, it is possible to create embedded vision applications by mere configuration.

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