Videos & Tutorials

On this page you will find various videos and tutorials about our software products HALCON, MERLIC and the Deep Learning Tool.

If you are completely new to HALCON or MERLIC, these are a few tutorial recommendations to get you started:

Going on vacation but need to supervise the machines? See how Tom uses HALCON generic sockets to relax and enjoy his vacation without worrying about…
greenhouse robot handeling peppers
The implementation of robotics and sensing technologies as an alternative solution makes crop production more efficient and sustainable.
Emergency landing, a caramel pudding, and HALCON & MERLIC on the airplane menu.
The Swiss Safety Center AG is part of a center of excellence in technical safety and risk management. They offer a comprehensive portfolio of services…
Japanese company Kett Electric Laboratory develops and sells an automated inspection system for rice grains.
When using shape-based matching, there are many parameters and settings you might want to tweak if you have images where the standard parameters don’t…
Learn about the main feature of Deep Learning Tool 22.06: Labeling datasets for HALCON's Deep OCR.
Incorrectly packed toast packages lead to disruptions in the production process. Find out how this challenge was solved with MERLIC 5.
Join our research engineer Patrick to see how easy and robust the labeling works even for non-industrial objects.
You want to count the number of people that are entering and leaving a building? Watch this MVBite and learn all about it.
Watch the video and get all important information regarding the MVTec HALCON 22.05 Progress release!
Have a look at deep-learning-based instance segmentation with MVTec HALCON and locate objects in an image.