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Newest features of MERLIC 5.2

MERLIC 5.2 is a logical continuation of the approach taken since MERLIC 5. It aims to solve demanding machine vision applications, while being quick and easy to implement. This new version provides customers with our latest deep learning features, even without them having deep knowledge in programming or in fact requiring them to write a single line of code.

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What's new?

MERLIC 5.2 has a heavy emphasis on pushing deep learning technologies further, while at the same time streamlining its interface and making it even more easy-to-use.

Global Context Anomaly Detection

MERLIC 5.2 facilitates the newly developed Deep Learning method "Global Context Anomaly Detection". This state-of-the-art technology detects new variants of anomalies by "understanding" the logical content of images. This feature is especially useful in any industry, which need completeness checks, quality inspections, defect detection, or print inspections during its production process. All that is required are good quality images, therefore no time-consuming labeling is needed.

For the training of Deep Learning applications, it is possible to use the free Deep Learning Tool (DLT) from MVTec. The results can then be imported from the DLT into MERLIC and executed there without any programming effort.

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MVTec EasyParams


Find and set the relevant camera parameters easier than ever before with the introduction of MVTec EasyParams in MERLIC 5.2. The simplified configuration tool enables you to put your application into operation more quickly, regardless of the camera manufacturer. MERLIC EasyParams saves all your setting automatically for you to increase the number of compatible cameras supported by MERLIC.

Extension of the functional scope of the "Extension Tools"

Extension of the functional scope of the "Extension Tools"

Implement even advanced machine vision applications in MERLIC 5.2 with the new "Extension Tools" add-on. This will particularly enable more sophisticated users to implement their custom tools based on MVTec HALCON.

Connect the development environment HDevelop directly to MERLIC. This provides you with all you need to track the execution of a custom tool in HDevelop and makes debugging much easier.

Export image data from MERLIC to other interfaces

Export image data from MERLIC to other interfaces

With this handy feature, Users can use images for visualization purposes directly via the communication interface. A communication plug-in, now also included in the scope of delivery, makes it possible to save images separately, such as for quality assurance purposes.

Concept Tools: Foretaste of "Segment Image Pixel-Precise“

Concept Tools: Foretaste of "Segment Image Pixel-Precise“

"Concept Tools" in MERLIC offer customers a first taste of future functions. At the same time, they can use the tools to carry out initial evaluations of possible new applications. In addition, customer feedback actively contributes to development.
In MERLIC 5.2, the deep-learning-based feature "Segment Image Pixel-Precise" can be tested as part of the Concept Tools-AI. This makes it possible to locate trained defect classes with pixel precision. In this way, users can solve inspection tasks, for example, that were previously not possible at all or only with considerable programming effort.


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